Jumat, 22 November 2013

Viventium Home Loans

Viventium Home Loans is pleased to announce the launch of their New Zealand Home Loans website in partnership with Online Asset Partners. Increasing demand from the current financial environment to find the best possible New Zealand home loan has provided the situation for a partnership with Online Asset Partners to help serve this market.
"Viventium Home Loans has a very specific offer and value to its market, and we plan to help them reach their market with maximum targeted exposure online," said David Cranwell, Online Asset Partners Strategy and Execution specialist.
David Cranwell from Online Asset Partners also went on to say: “Viventium offers a great service for young couples to get into a home, but also help them to pay it off faster by paying a similar amount to a 20 year mortgage, but reducing the term by up to 30%. We think this is a valuable service we are looking forward to helping them achieve the goals they have set”
For more information about  Viventium Home Loans and how they help smooth the path to paying off a mortgage quicker check out visit today.
Members of the press and other interested parties may find beyond additional information about the content of this press release by contacting the Viventium Home Loans at the location below.
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